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Charlottesville, climate change and vaccine scares: time to pick sides

What links the horrifying scenes in Charlottesville, climate change and vaccine scares? Unfortunately, it’s Donald Trump. “Let’s hear both sides of the story” is a phrase instinctively hated by children, knowing with a sick feeling that the playground bully is going to get away with it again. As adults, we turn to the phrase because […]

Unfashionable, unreported, lifesaving research

The media was full of stories this week about wretched Andrew Wakefield and the MMR vaccine scare. Who knows how many children have unnecessarily suffered from wholly preventable diseases because of his discredited piece of research? Meanwhile, reputable researchers have been beavering away on a vaccine to prevent rotavirus infection. Rotavirus causes severe diarrhoea and […]

What can we learn from swine flu?

So is it all over? Was it just media hype? And what have we learned from the first pandemic of the 21st century? Maybe, no, and quite a lot, really. Cases of flu are now running at or below seasonal average, despite the freezing weather. Swine flu was – mercifully – less dangerous than originally feared. But […]