About Anna Sayburn


IMG_4702.jpgI’m an independent writer and editor, specialising in medicine and healthcare journalism. Clients include The BMJ [British Medical Journal], NHS Choices, Web MDPulse, Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin and Student BMJ.

My key skills include evidence appraisal and writing clearly about complex medical topics for a lay audience. I  have experience in writing, editing, commissioning and organising expert round table events. I’m interested in opportunities to write and edit for the general and specialist media – please get in touch via email, annasayburn[at]gmail.com.

Before going freelance I was head of Consumer Health at BMJ, where I led a team of writers producing news stories, patient decision aids and in-depth health information, as part of the BMJ patient information service, Best Health.

I’ve delivered training on evidence-based patient information for the Patient Information Forum and The Information Standard. Other speaking engagements include the International Forum for Quality and Safety in Healthcare 2014 and the DECIDE International Conference 2014. I’m a member of the Medical Journalists Association.

For my full CV and professional background, see LinkedIn.

My passions include writing fiction, gardening and messing about in boats. I also write a blog, Bloomsbury Bluestocking, about books, reading and writing.

4 Responses to “About Anna Sayburn”

  1. Yang-May Ooi Says:

    Hi Anna

    Congratulations on launching your blog! It’s a lovely design and a brilliant way to gather all your work in one place. You have a pretty impressive portfolio now that we can see it all together.

    I love it whenever another friend is captured by blog-fever….! I’m subscribing to your blog in my Google Reader immediately.

  2. Mary-Jane Tsang Says:

    Hi Anna
    Looks very professional, but importantly, its very readable.
    Well done!

  3. diana brighouse (@dianabrighouse) Says:

    Hi Anna, I’m not sure if this blog is active, but I wanted to thank you for your good obituary of Jack Howell in this week’s BMJ. I was his houseman in 78-79, the third Southampton graduate to do the job. I thought you might be interested to see what I’ve written about him on my blog http://crackedmirrorsandangelpie.com/2015/05/05/professor-jack-howell/

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