How do you find the facts in a sea of rumour and disinformation? Since the pandemic took off in the UK in mid-March, I’ve been working for a fact-checking website, COVID-19 Facts, aimed at debunking myths and establishing what we know about the virus. The site, owned by RB (makers of Dettol), was set up […]


Back in 2009, I was working at the British Medical Journal as an editor on their (now-defunct) patient information site, Best Health. It was a job I loved, working with doctors and experts in evidence-based medicine to bring the best quality health information to the general public. During April, reports began to emerge of a […]

‘Miscarriage can lead to post-traumatic stress,’ say the headlines. I have the research paper on my desk top, and I’m reading through it, trying to keep focused. I’m looking for inclusion criteria, drop-out rates and confidence intervals. I’m analysing it. That’s what I do. I’m a medical writer. But every few minutes I catch myself […]

If I took at face value every medical study I’ve written about this year, I’d be sitting in a corner, chewing slowly on a raw carrot. Here are a few recent news stories, with links to the analyses I wrote for NHS Choices’ Behind the Headlines service: Non-stick chemicals linked to weight gain Slower eating […]

If you’re a fish swimming in a polluted sea, how long does it take you to realise that mucky water isn’t normal? The ongoing outrage in the media over sexual harassment and abuse allegations has a wearying inevitability. Powerful man subjects powerless younger women to sexual abuse. Because he can. The people expressing shock are […]