Selected publications, 2020

Is it too soon to predict an end to cervical cancer? Medscape, January 2020.

The pharmacists saving lives with naloxone. Chemist and Druggist, January 2020.

Does pharma funding affect patient group independence? Medscape, January 2020.

Selected publications, 2019

Can healthcare be green? Medscape, October 2020.

E-cigarettes: Smoking Cessation Aid or Dangerous Addiction? Medscape, September 2020.

Behind the scenes at the GMC assessment centre. Medscape, August 2020.

Can a daily crossword puzzle keep your brain young? NHS.UK, May 2019

UK couples having less frequent sex than 10 years ago. NHS.UK, May 2019

How are changing travel health demands affecting pharmacy clinics? Chemist and Druggist, April 2019

Should mums-to-be be scanned for breech births? NHS.UK, April 2019

Online tool helps men predict best prostate cancer treatment. NHS.UK, March 2019

Are children’s ball pits really riddled with disease? NHS.UK, March 2019

First-time mothers lose an hour’s sleep a night. NHS.UK, February 2019

Cervical cancer ‘could become a thing of the past’. NHS.UK, February 2019

HRT patches and gels “may be safer than pills” for older women. NHS.UK, January 2019.

Sweeteners have few health benefits. NHS.UK, January 2019.

Selected publications 2018

Jehovah’s Witnesses and surgery. Royal College of Surgeon’s Bulletin, December 2018.

Dietary advice and self-weighing may help avoid Christmas weight gain. NHS Choices, December 2018.

Can aerobic exercise slow down ageing? NHS Choices, November 2018.

Does TV and internet advertising feed children’s junk food habits? NHS Choices, October 2018.

Lifestyle Medicine: a new medical specialty? BMJ, October 2018.

Air pollution linked to dementia risk. NHS Choices, September 2018.

Are crowdfunding websites promoting quack treatments for cancer? NHS Choices, September 2018.

Milk, beef and rheumatoid arthritis? NHS Choices, February 2018

Vaping dangers (in mice). NHS Choices, February 2018.

One cigarette a day raises heart attack and stroke risk. NHS Choices, January 2018

Medicine too? Sexual harassment and surgery. Royal College of Surgeons’ Bulletin, January 2018

Toxic toys. NHS Choices, January 2018

Dangers of mixing herbal remedies with prescription drugs. NHS Choices, January 2018.

Selected publications 2017

British Thoracic Society winter conference coverage: predicting asthma attacks, tech solutions to compliance, Everest research and more. The Limbic, December 2018.

Acid reflux drugs linked to increased stomach cancer risk. NHS Choices, November 2017

“Magic mushrooms” may help reset depressive brains, study claims. NHS Choices, October 2017

Many new cancer drugs show no clear benefit. NHS Choices, October 2017

Seven things I learned about community pharmacy. Chemist and Druggist, September 2017

Tattoo ink particles can spread into lymph nodes. NHS Choices, September 2017

Gene editing used to repair diseased genes in embryos. NHS Choices, August 2017

How should healthcare professionals act in an emergency? Chemist and Druggist, August 2017

Doctors: no mentor yet? Are you missing out? Medical News Today, July 2017

Researchers try to unknot Alzheimer’s protein tangles. NHS Choices, July 2017

Has Brexit delayed plans to secure UK medicines supply? Chemist + Druggist, June 2017

“Painless” flu vaccine skin patch shows promise. NHS Choices, June 2017

Does meditation carry a risk of side effects? NHS Choices, May 2017

Statins side effects “overstated’. NHS Choices, April 2017

New glaucoma test could save millions from blindness. NHS Choices, April 2017

Why should pharmacists care about care homes? Chemist and Druggist, April 2017.

Antibiotic use linked to pre-cancerous bowel changes. NHS Choices, April 2017

Does Marmite prevent dementia? No, but it’s good on toast. NHS Choices, April 2017

How can you survive a media storm? Chemist and Druggist, March 2017.

Will the machines take over surgery? Royal College of Surgeons’ Bulletin, March 2017

Switching to wholegrains may boost metabolism. NHS Choices, February 2017

Poor sleep may affect good sex in later life. NHS Choices, February 2017

Study reveals how alcohol shifts brain into ‘starvation mode’. NHS Choices, January 2017

Why would a doctor leave medicine? Royal College of Surgeons Bulletin, January 2017

People who live near busy roads have higher dementia rates. NHS Choices, January 2017

Selected publications 2016

Diet rich in processed meat may worsen asthma. NHS Choices, December 2016

Pokemon No-go: exercise effects short-lived. NHS Choices, December 2016

What if your trust came under a cybercrime attack? Royal College of Surgeons Bulletin, November 2016

Eating one egg a day may cut risk of stroke. NHS Choices, November 2016

Study recommends screening toddlers for heart disease. NHS Choices, October 2016

Weighing up alternative medicines. Chemist and Druggist, September 2016

People with ‘obesity gene’ can still lose weight. NHS Choices, September 2016

Cuddling a kitten won’t kill you. NHS Choices, September 2016

Pollution particles in the brain ‘linked to Alzheimer’s disease’. NHS Choices, September 2016

Vitamin D ‘protects against severe asthma attacks’. NHS Choices, September 2016

Plaque-busting drug shows early promise in preventing Alzheimer’s. NHS Choices, September 2016.

Targeting ‘addiction switch’ may help combat alcoholism. NHS Choices, August 2016.

Childhood head injury linked to range of adult health problems. NHS Choices, August 2016.

Calcium supplements linked to post-stroke dementia in women. NHS Choices, August 2016.

Secret ginger gene may increase skin cancer risk, NHS Choices, July 2016

Vitamins and pregnancy. Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin, July 2016.

Diabetes drugs may be useful for Alzheimer’s, mice research finds. NHS Choices, June 2016

High risk groups for coeliac disease. Nursing in Practice, June 2016

Symptoms of IBS. Nursing in Practice, June 2016

Wholegrains ‘cut risk of early death’. NHS Choices, June 2016

How do you set up a successful flu service? Chemist and Druggist, May 2016

Should we re-think the causes of anorexia? NHS Choices, June 2016

What if we cured cancer? Royal College of Surgeons Bulletin, May 2016

Can you really ‘catch’ obesity? NHS Choices, May 2016

Short bursts of intense exercise as good as endurance training. NHS Choices, April 2016

Does lack of sleep cause diabetes? WebMD, April 2016

Find the right shoes for diabetes. WebMD, April 2016

Attending all-girls school linked to increased risk of eating disorders. NHS Choices, April 2016

UK dementia rates have fallen sharply in men. NHS Choices, April 2016

How can pharmacists avoid the pitfalls of social media? Chemist and Druggist, April 2016

Common antibiotics for children ‘ineffective in half of cases’. NHS Choices, March 2016

Six things every woman should know about hysterectomy. WebMD March 2016

Nine things cardiologists wish you knew about your heart. WebMD March 2016

Stem cells used to repair children’s eyes damaged by cataracts. NHS Choices, March 2016

Nine things doctors wish women knew about their health. WebMD March 2016

Strong evidence of Zika virus and Guillain-Barre syndrome. NHS Choices, March 2016

How to have a good mid-life crisis. WebMD March 2016

Researchers find pancreatic cancer is ‘four different diseases’. NHS Choices, February 2016

Can a diet prevent dementia? WebMD, February 2016

Smoking bans linked to fewer deaths. NHS Choices, February 2016

Exercise in middle age ‘stops your brain shrinking’. NHS Choices, February 2016

Coeliac disease diagnosis: now what? WebMD, February 2016

Preventive treatment for HIV. NHS Choices, January 2016

Potatoes and pregnancy. NHS Choices, January 2016

Medication and travel. WebMD, January 2016

What happens to your body when you stop drinking alcohol? WebMD, January 2016

What are the alternatives to medicines for treating depression? WebMD, January 2016

How does food affect your mental health? WebMD, January 2016

Publications 2015

Do no harm: Should doctors strike? Student BMJ, December 2015

Active and second-hand smoking both linked to menopause. NHS Choices, December 2015

Psychiatry or psychology, which is right for you? WebMD, December 2015

Talking therapy ‘as effective’ as antidepressants. NHS Choices, December 2015

Do we take some medicines for too long? WebMD, December 2015

Weight gain between pregnancies linked to stillbirth. NHS Choices, December 2015

Molecule removes Alzheimer’s plaques from mice brains. NHS Choices, December 2015

Anti-inflammatory diet for healthy eating. WebMD, November 2015

 7 life skills for children. WebMD, November 2015

Is obesity in your genes? WebMD, November 2015

Healthy diet swaps. WebMD, November 2015

Study suggests disability test link to suicide risk. NHS Choices, November 2015

Foods that help you fight PMS. WebMD, November 2015

Living with congenital heart block. Student BMJ, November 2015

Will a cholesterol-busting vaccine work for humans? NHS Choices, November 2015

Exercise and therapy ‘useful for chronic fatigue syndrome’. NHS Choices, October 2015

Ovarian cancer drug can help with some types of prostate cancer. NHS Choices, October 2015

Ebola virus survives in semen. NHS Choices, October 2015

Sterilisation implant has ‘high risk’ of complications. NHS Choices, October 2015

Getting the care you need to stay independent. WebMD, September 2015

Antidepressant study ‘under-reported harms’. NHS Choices, September 2015

How to control your rosacea. WebMD, September 2015

Hepatitis C virus in the real world (first draft). Gut, September 2015

Which matters most, genes or lifestyle? WebMD, September 2015

No conclusive evidence that e-cigs tempt teens to smoke. NHS Choices, September 2015

Antipsychotics used on people with no mental illness diagnosis. NHS Choices, September 2015

Does a low FODMAP diet help IBS? Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin, August 2015

Claims that ‘butter is safe’ and ‘margarine deadly’ are simplistic. NHS Choices, August 2015

Myanmar ministers and opposition leaders agree plan to eliminate malaria. The BMJ, August 2015

Could eating spicy food help you live longer? NHS Choices, August 2015

Children of the 90s more likely to be overweight or obese. NHS Choices, May 2015

Doctors issue warning about over-treating patients. NHS Choices, May 2015

Could testing grip strength predict heart disease? NHS Choices, May 2015

Probiotic yoghurts ‘may help’ hayfever. NHS Choices, May 2015

UK life expectancy expected to rise to late 80s by 2030. NHS Choices, May 2015

Obituary: Tim Lusty. Pioneering medical director for Oxfam, humanitarian and farmer. The BMJ April 2015.

Obese people underestimate how much sugar they eat. NHS Choices March 2015

What evidence for ‘5-a-day’, a Mediterranean diet and sodium restriction on health? Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin, March 2015

Obituary: John (Jack) Howell. Transformed the treatment of asthma and innovated medical education. The BMJ March 2015

Why medical students’ mental health is a taboo subject: why stigma and misconceptions persist. Student BMJ March 2015

Obituary: Dennis Friedman. Psychiatrist and media commentator. The BMJ February 2015

Preparing to Prescribe: lessons from the prescribing safety assessment. Student BMJ February 2015

Clinical controversies to watch in 2015. Student BMJ January 2015

Publications 2014

A review of the major health stories in 2014. Student BMJ December 2014

Do electronic cigarettes help with smoking cessation? Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin November 2014

Population testing for cancer-promoting BRCA genes. Eve Appeal briefing November 2014

Behind the Medical Headlines. Student BMJ November 2014

E-cigarettes – what’s the harm? Student BMJ October 2014

Five Key Issues for the NHS. Student BMJ September 2014

 WHO gives go-ahead for experimental treatments to be used in Ebola outbreak. BMJ 2014;349:g5161

Prostate cancer screening: long term results. Best Health August 2015

Prostate cancer saves lives but it’s too early for a national programme, study findsBMJ 2014;349:g5055

Aspirin benefits may outweigh harms for over-50s. Best Health August 2015

Surgery rate for heavy menstrual bleeding varies widely across England and Wales, study findsBMJ 2014;349:g4893

Conference presentations 2014

DECIDE International Conference, Edinburgh, 2014. Clinical Guidelines: What does the public need to know?

International forum for Quality and Safety in Healthcare, Paris, 2014: Improving healthcare quality through evidence and  best practice.


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