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How long have I got: mortality predictors from UK Biobank

A lot of research  gets reported in terms of whether something increases or decreases your chance of death. We’ve yet to find anything that reduces your chance of death to zero – we all die of something, eventually. Most of us would like to die of something as far into the future as possible. Which […]

Time to ditch ‘5-a-day’?

Ingrid asked a very good question about my participation in the UK Biobank study. How typical of the general population are the people who choose to take part in medical studies? The subject popped up again this week. The headlines were full of how fruit and vegetables make little difference to your risk of getting cancer. […]

My day as a lab rat

On Friday, I headed for an anonymous tower block in Croydon, where I spent a morning giving blood samples, cycling on an exercise bike while hooked up to an ECG, spitting into a jar, being weighed, measured and having my reactions and memory tested. Why? All in the name of science. As I spend so […]