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Why smoking is (still) the worst thing you can do for your health

When I saw the headlines claiming that eating a high protein diet was ‘as bad for you as smoking’, I snorted and got on with my breakfast. I know that a headline like that is likely to be based on spin, over-inflation of some observational study results and a slow news day. There were more […]

Nanny NICE?

I’m a big fan of the work of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. Someone has to make the hard decisions about which treatments are sufficiently cost-effective to provide on the NHS. I’m glad the decisions are, by and large, made by committees of experts, after careful appraisal of the evidence. You can […]

Eating and smoking

Overeating, an American study tells us this week, now causes more disability and death than smoking. It’s a depressing thought, although we can squeeze out some new year cheer that it’s partly because fewer people smoke than used to. So what can we make of news that giving up smoking actually raises the risk of […]