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Charlottesville, climate change and vaccine scares: time to pick sides

What links the horrifying scenes in Charlottesville, climate change and vaccine scares? Unfortunately, it’s Donald Trump. “Let’s hear both sides of the story” is a phrase instinctively hated by children, knowing with a sick feeling that the playground bully is going to get away with it again. As adults, we turn to the phrase because […]

Science on the radio

After all the Christmas excess of stories about reindeers with glowing noses, health warnings about sprouts and other festive nonsense, we’ve reached that quiet time between Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve. It’s a time when news is traditionally thin on the ground – who wants to publish their ground-breaking study when half the nation […]

The Undiagnosed – chronic fatigue syndrome and the search for a reason

I’ve written before about chronic fatigue syndrome, also known as M.E. It’s a miserable illness, causing untold suffering to those who have it or care for someone who does. No-one knows exactly why it happens, which means treatments are largely stabs in the dark to see, empirically, what works. So naturally, there was much excitement […]

A good week for science

Two events this week have bolstered my hope that science – by which I mean the rational exploration of the universe through the experimental process – is winning. Last Monday I was one of around 4,000 people who packed out the Hammersmith Apollo for what can only be described as a nerds’ night out. Uncaged […]

Of Mice, Men and Media

Sometimes, knowing about stuff can get in the way of having fun. Thursday night wasn’t the first time that I’ve found myself grouching at Have I Got News For You, complaining about the inaccuracy of a medical news headline, instead of laughing at the absurdity. The headline this time was ‘Men with sisters are less […]