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Staying sane in a world of food frenzy

If I took at face value every medical study I’ve written about this year, I’d be sitting in a corner, chewing slowly on a raw carrot. Here are a few recent news stories, with links to the analyses I wrote for NHS Choices’ Behind the Headlines service: Non-stick chemicals linked to weight gain Slower eating […]

Sizing up the female body

On the subject of health beliefs and prejudices, I’ve been looking at research showing that women who drink alcohol may be less at risk of becoming overweight. Being a woman who enjoys the occasional half of real ale, my initial response was an insightful ‘Ha! That’s because we’re out enjoying ourselves instead of sitting at  […]

Why spend NHS money on weight loss surgery?

I listened to a fascinating debate on The Today Programme this morning, about whether NHS resources should be spent on surgery to aid weight loss, for people deemed ‘morbidly obese’. For these people, who have a BMI of 40 or over, their extra weight is an immediate threat to their health. They are at risk […]

Eating and smoking

Overeating, an American study tells us this week, now causes more disability and death than smoking. It’s a depressing thought, although we can squeeze out some new year cheer that it’s partly because fewer people smoke than used to. So what can we make of news that giving up smoking actually raises the risk of […]