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Medicine, too

If you’re a fish swimming in a polluted sea, how long does it take you to realise that mucky water isn’t normal? The ongoing outrage in the media over sexual harassment and abuse allegations has a wearying inevitability. Powerful man subjects powerless younger women to sexual abuse. Because he can. The people expressing shock are […]

Medicine and mortality

I’ve never seen a dead body. Before this century, it would have been rare to reach my fourth decade in this state of ignorance. Today it’s common – unless of course you enter one of the professions to which we outsource death. Police officers, paramedics, nurses, doctors and undertakers shield us from the physical presence […]

Five top medical stories of 2014

The helplessness of modern medicine in the face of a deadly virus was the over-riding image of the year. It was a forceful reminder that we don’t have all the answers – especially not in countries where the medical service is degraded by years of civil war and poverty. At home, non-communicable diseases of lifestyle […]

Killer Mars Bars and medical media

Health in the media is one of my favourite topics, so I was delighted to be asked to write a feature for Student BMJ, advising medical students about what to look for when reading a health story in the general media. The questions medical students should ask are also relevant to everyone who wants to […]

Science on the radio

After all the Christmas excess of stories about reindeers with glowing noses, health warnings about sprouts and other festive nonsense, we’ve reached that quiet time between Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve. It’s a time when news is traditionally thin on the ground – who wants to publish their ground-breaking study when half the nation […]