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Fact-checking COVID-19

How do you find the facts in a sea of rumour and disinformation? Since the pandemic took off in the UK in mid-March, I’ve been working for a fact-checking website, COVID-19 Facts, aimed at debunking myths and establishing what we know about the virus. The site, owned by RB (makers of Dettol), was set up […]

Experts: a celebration of people who know stuff

Michael Gove thinks we’ve had enough of experts. He can live as he chooses, but I have an appointment with a dentist next week, rather than an enthusiast with a pair of pliers. I also have the enormous good fortune to talk  to experts in a variety of fields for my work. These are some of […]

Killer Mars Bars and medical media

Health in the media is one of my favourite topics, so I was delighted to be asked to write a feature for Student BMJ, advising medical students about what to look for when reading a health story in the general media. The questions medical students should ask are also relevant to everyone who wants to […]

Medicine, standards and the media

The media is engaged in a bout of breast-beating over standards. It may be entertaining, but it ignores some fundamental questions about how our media works. Put simply, standards are expensive. Who’s going to pay? The frenzy over phone-hacking shows the extent to which some tabloid journalists would go for an exclusive story. The BBC […]

Of Mice, Men and Media

Sometimes, knowing about stuff can get in the way of having fun. Thursday night wasn’t the first time that I’ve found myself grouching at Have I Got News For You, complaining about the inaccuracy of a medical news headline, instead of laughing at the absurdity. The headline this time was ‘Men with sisters are less […]