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Mountains out of molehills

The┬áHistory of the Human Body course has been a whirlwind tour of the way attitudes to the body have changed down the centuries, and I’ve enjoyed finding out about the treasures of the Wellcome Collection in the process. Our coursework was to find and research a piece in the collection, on the theme of ‘Making […]

Hands, necks and deathly ladies… presentation time at the end of the course

We’re almost at the end of our History of the Human Body course, and this week the class reported back on our course assignment, Making the Body Beautiful. The interpretations were wide, and the research fascinating. People had turned up the most remarkable images to consider, and were full of views, thoughts and ideas about […]

Writing about the body

I’ve signed up for a new course on the History of the Human Body in Europe. It’s a Birkbeck College course, held one evening a week at the Wellcome Collection, one of my favourite London haunts. It’s my first venture back into academia since gleefully heading out into the real world, back in 1991. I’m […]