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Experts: a celebration of people who know stuff

Michael Gove thinks we’ve had enough of experts. He can live as he chooses, but I have an appointment with a dentist next week, rather than an enthusiast with a pair of pliers. I also have the enormous good fortune to talk  to experts in a variety of fields for my work. These are some of […]

Why smoking is (still) the worst thing you can do for your health

When I saw the headlines claiming that eating a high protein diet was ‘as bad for you as smoking’, I snorted and got on with my breakfast. I know that a headline like that is likely to be based on spin, over-inflation of some observational study results and a slow news day. There were more […]

Back on the bike

I took advantage of last week’s decent weather to get back on the bike for my commute, after a couple of weeks on the train. I’d had an unlucky run of punctures, then a spill on a slippery corner, and was feeling a bit bike-unfriendly. But armed with puncture-resistant tires and a shiny new bike […]

And now for something really useful

The only health story you’re likely to have read this week is about chocolate. Is it good for your heart? Maybe, but we don’t really know. We need more, and better, studies. Not that they’ll make any difference, now that the chocolate=healthfood meme is so firmly established. I’ve nothing against chocolate, and quite a lot […]

Chocolate – the elixir of life?

The media loves a good chocolate story, especially one that says it’s good for you. Ditto red wine, or indeed any alcohol, or anything that people might actually like to eat or drink. These stories feed nicely into our personal health beliefs. Surely nothing labelled ‘organic 70% cocoa solids Fairtrade’ can be bad for you? […]