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Killer Mars Bars and medical media

Health in the media is one of my favourite topics, so I was delighted to be asked to write a feature for Student BMJ, advising medical students about what to look for when reading a health story in the general media. The questions medical students should ask are also relevant to everyone who wants to […]


The myth of ‘healthy’ fruit juice

It’s always nice to see your suspicions confirmed by good, hard science. For many years doctors have been questioning the supposed health benefits of fruit juice, once thought of as the healthy alternative to fizzy drinks like cola and lemonade. Juice was one of your ‘five a day’; juice companies boasted of how many apples […]

Flowers, CT scans and weighing up risks

This week, I tackled the big questions for the Guardian’s online health news. Should flowers be banned from hospital wards? OK, so it’s almost Christmas and all the health stories are a little on the flaky side. But I liked this study from the BMJ, which touched on the issue of what’s more important – […]