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Questions for writers

Last week’s creative writing class took the form of a question and answer session. Trouble is, we had a lot more questions than answers. We chewed over these 10 key questions, but (perhaps inevitably) came to few conclusions. Can any of you do better? 1: How do you find readers that identify with your style […]

Developing our fiction – half way through

We’ve reached the mid-way point in the Birkbeck College¬†Developing Your Fiction course. So, can you teach good fiction writing? Here are some thoughts: Obvious but true – the more you write, the better your writing gets. I’ve enjoyed our weekly exercises, which gave me freedom to experiment in ways that wouldn’t have occurred to me […]

Tuesday nights are writing nights

I do like to start something new in January. This year, I’ve signed up for a creative writing course¬†at Birkbeck College (where I studied History of the Human Body last year). ‘You can’t teach someone to write,’ is a commonly-voiced canard. Actually, you can, and it’s what primary school teachers do. Teaching someone to write […]