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Vitamins in pregnancy

We’ve all seen the adverts, usually accompanied by a photograph of a glowing pregnant woman or an adorable baby, selling vitamins and minerals ‘specially designed’ for pregnancy. They’re often expensive, but for many woman, the reassurance of taking a supplement that seems to promise a healthy pregnancy and a bouncing baby is well worth the […]


Hard cases make bad medicine

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the Ebola outbreak and the ethics of using drugs untested on humans to combat Ebola. Understandably, the pressure to use untested drugs is always at its highest in an outbreak of disease, as we saw during the swine flu epidemic of 2009. In that case, governments across […]

Rationing and rationality

When I first started work as a journalist, Virginia Bottomley was health secretary, GP fundholding was the big new idea, and the alliterative headline that all health journalists reached for at the drop of an expensive cancer drug was ‘postcode prescribing.’ All of which makes me feel really old and a bit depressed. Not at […]