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What really protects against dementia?

If there’s one disease that sends a shiver down people’s spines in the modern world, it’s dementia. In a society where we place so much value on intelligence and autonomy, the thought of losing our memories, our ability to think and to look after ourselves is frightening. This fear is behind some of the commissions […]

From antidepressant prescription to tight glucose control: seven clinical controversies that keep on going

Some clinical stories become perennials – issues that never seem to get completely resolved and pop up year after year. What’s the betting we can see the end of any of these seven controversies in 2015? 1: Are antidepressants over-prescribed? To some, depression is under-diagnosed and under-treated. Others think¬†we’re medicalising ordinary sadness. 2:¬†Bariatric surgery for […]

Five top medical stories of 2014

The helplessness of modern medicine in the face of a deadly virus was the over-riding image of the year. It was a forceful reminder that we don’t have all the answers – especially not in countries where the medical service is degraded by years of civil war and poverty. At home, non-communicable diseases of lifestyle […]

Proper science shows when things don’t work.

It’s a pleasure to write about well-designed, properly performed scientific studies. Unfortunately, they’re often the very ones that get ignored in the wider media. That might be because they tend to make disappointing headlines. Take this study in JAMA, about Ginkgo biloba. Ginkgo is one of those herbs that everyone swears by, that everyone ‘knows’ […]