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Cosmetic surgery under review

It may have taken a scandal, but the government has finally decided to take a look at the murky business of cosmetic surgery. That’s good news for all of us, from people contemplating cosmetic repair after cancer surgery, to women who decide to spend their hard-earned cash on holding back the years, to those of […]

Confidence, contempt and cosmetic surgery

It’s been an instructive few weeks for finding out what the cosmetic surgery industry really thinks about women. This is the industry, remember, that wanted women to feel nice and confident about ourselves, with our neat little bags of silicone and our wrinkle-free foreheads. ‘Confidence starts with the Harley Medical Group,’ as one firm’s current […]

The confidence trick of cosmetic surgery

I’m a troubled old feminist these days. Back in the ice age, when I read my first ¬†Germaine Greer and chucked out Just 17 in favour of Spare Rib, cosmetic surgery was pretty straightforward. It was something you did if you were (a) horribly disfigured or (b) rich and vain. Now it’s apparently a rite […]