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Register all clinical trials, report all results

A campaign launched this week that is important for everyone. The All Trials campaign, run by the organisation Sense About Science with support from the BMJ and other luminaries, demands that all medical trials should be registered, and that all trials should report their results. It may not sound that exciting – indeed, you might be […]

A good week for science

Two events this week have bolstered my hope that science – by which I mean the rational exploration of the universe through the experimental process – is winning. Last Monday I was one of around 4,000 people who packed out the Hammersmith Apollo for what can only be described as a nerds’ night out. Uncaged […]

A lot more complicated

The great Bad Science blogger, Ben Goldacre, once produced teeshirts proclaiming: ‘I think you’ll find it’s a bit more complicated than that.’ It’s a sentiment that can be applied to just about every medical story, and one that may yet lead us in some weird directions. On Monday, I was at the Royal Society, to […]