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From antidepressant prescription to tight glucose control: seven clinical controversies that keep on going

Some clinical stories become perennials – issues that never seem to get completely resolved and pop up year after year. What’s the betting we can see the end of any of these seven controversies in 2015? 1: Are antidepressants over-prescribed? To some, depression is under-diagnosed and under-treated. Others think we’re medicalising ordinary sadness. 2: Bariatric surgery for […]

Why the outrage over gastric bands?

The tabloid press was outrage by the possibility that ‘TWO MILLION obese Brits‘ could be offered bariatric surgery, after NICE guidelines recommended that weight loss procedures should be offered to people with diabetes and a BMI of over 35. The story was front-page news, with lurid estimates of the potential cost. But why the outrage? Leaving aside the […]

Why spend NHS money on weight loss surgery?

I listened to a fascinating debate on The Today Programme this morning, about whether NHS resources should be spent on surgery to aid weight loss, for people deemed ‘morbidly obese’. For these people, who have a BMI of 40 or over, their extra weight is an immediate threat to their health. They are at risk […]