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Stop funding sugar pills on the NHS

The rather wonderful House of Commons Science and Technology Committee has published its evidence check on NHS policy towards homeopathy. It doesn’t make pretty reading, if you’re a homeopath. The committee has done a sterling job and its conclusions are crystal clear. There is no controversy about the evidence; big, well-conducted randomised controlled studies have […]

A lot more complicated

The great Bad Science blogger, Ben Goldacre, once produced teeshirts proclaiming: ‘I think you’ll find it’s a bit more complicated than that.’ It’s a sentiment that can be applied to just about every medical story, and one that may yet lead us in some weird directions. On Monday, I was at the Royal Society, to […]

No, the internet doesn’t make you depressed. But this story might.

Contrary to yesterday’s front pages, the Internet doesn’t cause depression. However, half-baked, scaremongering¬†research, uncritically disseminated all over the newspapers, does rather get me down. How is it half-baked? Let me count the ways. The Leeds University researchers didn’t interview a randomly chosen, representative sample of the population.¬†‘Internet addiction’ isn’t a ¬†recognised medical condition. And the […]