Michael Gove thinks we’ve had enough of experts. He can live as he chooses, but I have an appointment with a dentist next week, rather than an enthusiast with a pair of pliers. I also have the enormous good fortune to talk  to experts in a variety of fields for my work. These are some of […]

Ed Yong and Adam Rutherford, two of our most exciting science writers, have a knack of upturning everything you think you know about the world. They joined forces to talk about their new books at Dulwich Literary Festival. Think you’re a self-contained organism? Think again. Half of the cells you carry around with you aren’t […]

We’ve all seen the adverts, usually accompanied by a photograph of a glowing pregnant woman or an adorable baby, selling vitamins and minerals ‘specially designed’ for pregnancy. They’re often expensive, but for many woman, the reassurance of taking a supplement that seems to promise a healthy pregnancy and a bouncing baby is well worth the […]

As author Matt Haig, who has a history of severe depression, pointed out this week, saying that someone has ‘mental health issues’ is like saying they have ‘health issues’ – vague to the point of meaningless. Mental ill-health ranges widely over human experience. Eating disorders, anxiety, depression. Bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder. Social anxiety, agoraphobia, […]

Actually, it was quite hard to do. The Royal College of Surgeons asked me to take the premise ‘what if we cured cancer?’, talk to some experts and theorise about how the world might look different. Cancer is a real bogeyman disease. It’s what lurks behind many of those ‘it’s probably nothing but I thought I’d […]