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A good week for science

Two events this week have bolstered my hope that science – by which I mean the rational exploration of the universe through the experimental process – is winning. Last Monday I was one of around 4,000 people who packed out the Hammersmith Apollo for what can only be described as a nerds’ night out. Uncaged […]


Ten top tips for blushing brides

OK, so it’s officially wedding week. I’ve got the shoes, I’ve had my hair done, the manicure is booked. Yes, on Saturday my good friend Kathy takes the matrimonial plunge. Apparently there are other wedding celebrations this week, too. In honour of all brides currently going slightly mad worrying about place settings and whether the […]

Written in the bones

I’ve never really been a sugar and spice sort of girl. Snails and puppydog tails have always held more appeal. That may explain part of my fascination for places like the Wellcome Collection, with their weird and wonderful collection of objects, and the Old Operating Theatre, with its atmospheric herb garrett and chilling theatre. I’ve discovered […]

Feeding time at the Old Bailey

I took part in a little-known, rather extraordinary daily ritual yesterday. Every day when the Old Bailey is in session, the judges arrive at the chambers of the Sheriff of London for lunch. Assembled to meet them, rather charmingly, are a selection of guests chosen, presumably, for their potential to make diverting, non-judicial conversation. The current […]

Living with uncertainty

One of the questions that doctors supposedly ask patients to test their mental orientation is ‘who’s the prime minister?’ It’s not just the terminally confused who’d have problems with that one at the moment. (Although, technically, at time of writing, it’s still Gordon Brown.) Nothing brings out the schadenfreude quite like watching political pundits trying to […]