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Imagine there’s no cancer…

Actually, it was quite hard to do. The Royal College of Surgeons asked me to take the premise ‘what if we cured cancer?’, talk to some experts and theorise about how the world might look different. Cancer is a real bogeyman disease. It’s what lurks behind many of those ‘it’s probably nothing but I thought I’d […]

The art of doing less

I spoke to a wise oncologist this week, who told me that the future of cancer treatment was about quality of life, rather than quantity of life, after treatment. She said the aim now was to minimise treatment, balancing effectiveness with doing as little damage as possible to the body and its long-term future health. This was […]

Why the outrage over gastric bands?

The tabloid press was outrage by the possibility that ‘TWO MILLION obese Brits‘ could be offered bariatric surgery, after NICE guidelines recommended that weight loss procedures should be offered to people with diabetes and a BMI of over 35. The story was front-page news, with lurid estimates of the potential cost. But why the outrage? Leaving aside the […]