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Charlottesville, climate change and vaccine scares: time to pick sides

What links the horrifying scenes in Charlottesville, climate change and vaccine scares? Unfortunately, it’s Donald Trump. “Let’s hear both sides of the story” is a phrase instinctively hated by children, knowing with a sick feeling that the playground bully is going to get away with it again. As adults, we turn to the phrase because […]


Medicine and mortality

I’ve never seen a dead body. Before this century, it would have been rare to reach my fourth decade in this state of ignorance. Today it’s common – unless of course you enter one of the professions to which we outsource death. Police officers, paramedics, nurses, doctors and undertakers shield us from the physical presence […]

Experts: a celebration of people who know stuff

Michael Gove thinks we’ve had enough of experts. He can live as he chooses, but I have an appointment with a dentist next week, rather than an enthusiast with a pair of pliers. I also have the enormous good fortune to talk  to experts in a variety of fields for my work. These are some of […]

Genes and germs at Dulwich Literary Festival

Ed Yong and Adam Rutherford, two of our most exciting science writers, have a knack of upturning everything you think you know about the world. They joined forces to talk about their new books at Dulwich Literary Festival. Think you’re a self-contained organism? Think again. Half of the cells you carry around with you aren’t […]

Vitamins in pregnancy

We’ve all seen the adverts, usually accompanied by a photograph of a glowing pregnant woman or an adorable baby, selling vitamins and minerals ‘specially designed’ for pregnancy. They’re often expensive, but for many woman, the reassurance of taking a supplement that seems to promise a healthy pregnancy and a bouncing baby is well worth the […]