Chocolate – the elixir of life?

Valentine's day chocolates

The media loves a good chocolate story, especially one that says it’s good for you. Ditto red wine, or indeed any alcohol, or anything that people might actually like to eat or drink.

These stories feed nicely into our personal health beliefs. Surely nothing labelled ‘organic 70% cocoa solids Fairtrade’ can be bad for you? And if red wine can deglaze a roasting tin full of juices, can’t it do the same for your furred-up arteries?

We know we’re kidding ourselves, really, yet these stories simply won’t lie down and die. There’s just enough of a grain of truth to keep them hitting those headlines, each time someone does another study. No matter that we know that really it’s about a healthy, balanced diet and plenty of exercise.

So here’s my latest addition to the genre: Chocolate may help protect against a stroke. Enjoy the Valentine’s Day chocolates, if you’ve still got any left!

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