Flowers, CT scans and weighing up risks

This week, I tackled the big questions for the Guardian’s online health news. Should flowers be banned from hospital wards? OK, so it’s almost Christmas and all the health stories are a little on the flaky side. But I liked this study from the BMJ, which touched on the issue of what’s more important – a sterile, tidy, easy-to-clean environment for hospital staff, or a cosy little piece-of-home for patients?

More seriously, I was amazed to discover the radiological potency of CT scans. I remember years back being offered a diagnostic whole-body scan by some private company importing this new technology from the US. They certainly didn’t mention the substantial cancer risk from this technology. Glad I said ‘no thanks.’ As well as covering this for The Guardian, I blogged about it for Consumer Reports.

Image: Thanks to Phil for the Valentine’s Day roses.

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