Bottling it up and getting it checked out

What’s behind those headlines? Every week I write news in focus pieces about health research, published online by The Guardian.

This week I wrote about warning signs of retinal detachment and the dangers of bottling up anger at work (both for The Guardian’s website).

A GP friend told me off for the retinal detachment story; he says only showers of floaters in the eye are likely to lead to retinal tears. But that’s not what it said in the JAMA study, so I stand by my guns. The meta-analysis found 14 percent of people who’d been seen for ‘flashes or floaters’ had a retinal tear when seen in an eye clinic. That’s way too high for comfort.

Also this week, The Guardian published my in-depth article on everything you need to know about swine flu. Find out about the evidence for Tamiflu, the swine flu vaccine and much more.

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